Is that available in the public cloud?

January 25, 2024

Executives once had a clear consensus when it came to putting strategic functions in the public versus private cloud: private won every time. That was assuming they were even willing to consider the cloud.

Now, one of their first questions for any provider is, “are you certified for the public cloud?” And public cloud providers must answer another key question: “How secure is the cloud?”

Watch this brief video to learn more about this shift in attitude.

Don’t have enough time to watch the video? Here’s the transcript.

Ten years ago, when I would talk to financial institution executives or to corporate executives about, “what are your thoughts on putting your banking core? What are your thoughts on putting your corporate ERP into the public cloud?” the answer I always got back was, “we would never do that. Far too strategic, way too precious data. We need it either managed in house or we need it managed in a secure cloud.”

Today, when I go and speak with financial institution executives and corporate executives, I get the same question:

“Are you certified for the public cloud?”

“Can you do multiple clouds?”

Everything is now about the public cloud.

So, it's critical that we as a provider start looking at all the services we offer and figure out how to get those as a Service-enabled.

And you, as a financial institution or as a business, need to ask the question when you need a new capability or see a new capability that's an advantage for you: “Is that available in the public cloud?”

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