Real-time Data in Securities Lending: The New Normal

March 13, 2020

It’s no longer acceptable to trade based on day-old securities lending information. Between the regulatory landscape and expectations of personal and professional “instant access,” firms must have data that’s at least intraday, if not real-time, to make informed decisions regarding assets

There are significant mandates and penalties associated with regulations such as Securities Finance Transaction Regulation (SFTR) and Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR), which demand highly granular reports delivered under tight timelines. So aged data creates unnecessary risk, and failure to comply is a major threat to the enterprise. Moreover, without real-time access to information such as inventory and counterparty exposures to balance sheets and portfolio performance, sustaining a competitive edge becomes more than a challenge. It becomes impossible.

The fact is, modern technology has already established intraday data as the market standard. But real-time global position and inventory management is fast emerging as the new normal as organizations seek to match their securities finance and collateral management operations with the speed and agility of the demands they are facing.

FIS has been working with a number of clients on projects that bring real-time data to life. Our incentive to ensure that financial markets provide faster, more secure and quicker settlements and payments is bound by our commitment to our more than 20,000 clients in 130 countries, who process more than 40 billion transactions a year.

As a global leader in the space, we understand how real-time data can benefit the industry, and we are actively implementing solutions to provide it – putting you in a stronger position to maintain your edge over the competition.

About the Author
David Lewis, Senior Director, FIS Securities Finance
David LewisSenior Director, FIS Securities Finance

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