Standardized asset finance systems can give you speed and control

February 08, 2021

In a fast-moving industry, speed is critical to the delivery of asset finance software. You want a solution up and running in as little time – and with as little effort – as possible. But you also need a system that will bend to the specific demands of your organization.

Packaged software as a service (SaaS) solutions usually meet the need for speed. Not only can you set them up quickly out of the box, but the provider will also host them securely on your behalf in the cloud, reducing upfront expenditure on infrastructure. So far, so good – and if you’re a startup firm, you’ll appreciate the faster time to market and the best practice standards you can incorporate from the outset.

But what happens when you start extending your business, adding new products or rethinking your processes? Solutions that are fast to install aren’t always easy to adapt, and you may have to wait months and pay heavily for customized development that meets your needs.

And if you’re already a global organization, packaged software could struggle to flex to the different requirements of multiple regions. Don’t larger, more complex businesses deserve rapid software solutions, too?

At FIS, we believe they do. That’s why our Ambit Asset Finance platform gives clients the best of both worlds: fast delivery of software that puts you in control.

A SaaS delivery option makes the solution quick, easy and cost-effective to implement, with a standardized operational framework that will accommodate every kind of asset finance organization independent or captive, small startup or large multinational.

Within that framework comes an innovative set of tools and services that clients can use to manage their software and mold it easily to their requirements. This toolkit includes: the Business Logic Designer tool, which enables you to quickly configure new processes and integrations yourself, without developing code; managed services for upgrading software and testing new processes; and the option to add new functions when you need them, through a strategy of continuous deployment.

With software and services securely delivered from the cloud and a modular platform, clients also gain a unique operating model that allows them to roll out new systems and processes to multiple regions at the same time.

So, multinational firms can both drive consistent standards and provide a strong foundation for collaboration, as different teams around the world join forces to co-create and use a common technology platform while allowing for regional variations.

In the pandemic and beyond, this approach will empower firms large and small to move fast without relying on on-site resources. It also gives them flexibility and keeps them firmly in control of their asset finance platform.

Who says standardized software has to box you in?

About the Author
Martin Cowie, director of Application Design, Auto and Equipment Finance, FIS
Martin Cowiedirector of Application Design, Auto and Equipment Finance, FIS

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