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April 01, 2024

Once upon a time, it seemed like every financial institution or business had an in-house data center. That has since changed. But why? And what’s the impact?

Watch this brief video from FIS® expert Mike Kresse to find out.

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As a Service (aaS) is already changing our industry right before our very eyes.

I remember 20 years ago: I would walk into a corporation, walk into a financial institution. Invariably, at some point, I'd see the raised floor data center.

There were all the servers, the software that was deployed in there, all the networking gear.

And that was a capital cost that that financial institution [or] corporation was having to bear, not only on expanding their environment but on constantly refreshing their environment.

AaS has now taken the need for having those in-house data centers away.

Because ultimately, a corporation [or] a financial institution can consume the capabilities – the payments capabilities, the general ledger capabilities, the treasury management capabilities – directly from the vendors themselves as a service.

And so, all that capital investment, all that refreshing that needed to be done, has now completely gone away.

But the best value of that is now the financial institution [or] corporation can really focus on the value the solution brings and how that improves its business overall.

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Mike Kresse, SVP, Division Executive, FIS
Mike KresseSVP, Division Executive, FIS

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