The Intuitive, Informative IBOR

March 21, 2019

For asset managers, data can be a double-edged sword. On one side, there is more data available than we have ever had, affording investment professionals more opportunities than they’ve seen historically to make informed decisions. On the other side, there is more data available than we have ever had, making the job of processing and analyzing information across many data sources a Herculean task.

A perfect example of this data-centric paradox is in asset managers’ efforts to create a perpetual investment book of record (IBOR).

To build a unified, as-close-to-real-time-as-possible view of all positions and values across all investments has long been an objective for asset managers. However, much of the progress around IBOR has relied on manual work and disparate systems, and for many, generating a perpetual IBOR is still an imperfect process.

What if there was a simpler way to generate an IBOR?

The intuitive, informative IBOR is possible. By layering complexity-free integration between systems – from the front office through to accounting – and automating the aggregation and computation of the data flowing in from these sources, asset managers can finally build an IBOR that runs itself.

What’s more, with an intuitive, near-real-time dashboard to display comprehensive positions data and a multitude of drill-down options, investment professionals can access the answers they need easily and quickly. With all the necessary IBOR data points, including accounting data, corporate actions, accruals and more, built into a modern dashboard and seamlessly integrated for a single view, the IBOR becomes a more powerful decision support tool for growth-ready asset managers.

As asset managers continue pushing the limits on data creation, based on the continuing trend toward multi-asset-class investing and expansions into new markets, it will only become more challenging to build an IBOR without intelligent, integrated solutions. When investment operations professionals flip the switch on a perpetual IBOR dashboard, they will quickly find themselves on the right side of the data management double-edged sword.

About the Author
Jason Baldesare , Head of Solutions Strategy, Capital Markets, FIS
Jason Baldesare Head of Solutions Strategy, Capital Markets, FIS

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