A global eCommerce leaders forum study

Key findings from the study include:

The prominence of the Chinese eCommerce opportunity has been a constant in recent years, with mind-blowing statistics of growth and scale unprecedented in digital retailing.

As the middle class in China continues its explosive growth, Chinese consumers seek engaging experiences and genuine products from global brands. In partnership with GELF (Global eCommerce Leaders Forum) and Total Retail, we’ve delved into the deeper issues involved in the “China opportunity”, to create a retail study.

Key findings delve into why and how leading retail brands are growing their businesses in China. And the research underscores the challenges and pitfalls to be wary of, regardless of a company’s tenure in the region. We offer insights into how retailers and brands selling direct-to-consumer have responded to these challenges and how they plan to grow their eCommerce business in China in the years ahead.

  • Competition is growing quickly as the number of domestic Chinese sellers, global brands and innovative entrepreneurs explodes.
  • Retail brands’ business models are poised to evolve to include more Chinese eCommerce partners and increased investment in their own direct-to-consumer eCommerce operations
  • Among the top digital platforms, WeChat is captivating the community. Although Tmall is where the Chinese shop online, WeChat is where they live.
  • And much more