Lean on values to drive impact with emerging technologies

October 11, 2021

FIS drives value across financial markets and regions with solutions that help our clients lead amidst perpetual change. Emerging technologies are quickly turning into mainstream standards. Case in point, the adoption of cloud, big data, APIs, and now even AI is a must have across organizations.

Emerging technologies like quantum computing and Nonfungible Tokens (NFTs) are drawing significant attention and headlines. Some of the recognition and hype is based on the novelty of the shocking or scary headlines, but people also recognize that these advanced technologies are simply the latest class of change agents companies must pay attention to, so they are future-ready.

It’s easy to get distracted with buzzy ‘shiny objects’ and lose sight of how firms can compete in the world of 10x change, but by focusing on values-based emerging technology adoption, you can chart a course for sustainable market leadership. At FIS, our values are how we work together to deliver our purpose each and every day.

Win as one team. A key for charting the future of emerging technologies, like AI is for teams to embrace multiple perspectives early and often. You’ll realize more impact when you break down organizational silos and look at problems through the lens of your customer. A technology-first mindset can spark the imagination, but a narrow lens often leads to long-term challenges where customers have difficulty realizing maximum value from the solution.

The Unity integrated wealth platform is a perfect example of how winning as one team and leveraging emerging technologies like AI can drive value in the market. Unity uses AI to help investment advisors and clients achieve more together by supercharging advisor productivity and investment management. It leverages AI but, puts people and relationships first.

Lead with integrity. When using advanced technologies, it’s critical to ensure they are built with trust and integrity at the core. Across every market segment, we use advanced technologies that empower people to be successful. That includes ensuring transparency in advanced models, ensuring model bias is limited and that people take accountability to identify unexpected impacts of the solutions.

Be the change. This value is likely the easiest to translate to traditional emerging technology leadership. We challenge the status quo by innovating a faster way to pay, smarter banking tools, and through cutting edge investment solutions. Adding advanced technologies to a complex system is often a recipe for failure, so we challenge each other to simplify the way things are done. We’re inspired to lead the charge for a brighter financial future across the globe.

“The best way to predict the future, is to build it.” Peter Drucker

The hype cycle will rise and fall, but if you’re rooted in approaching emerging technologies from a values-first mindset, you’ll ensure long-term success. Yes, pay attention to the incoming tide of entrants testing out how Digital Humans or Composable Networks will shape the future of fintech, but be sure to keep people and you firm’s values at the core of your journey.

About the Author
David Berglund, Head of Artificial Intelligence, FIS
David BerglundHead of Artificial Intelligence, FIS

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