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February 16, 2021

Financial institutions face many challenges in today’s marketplace. Rapidly evolving technology, increased competition and higher expectations for digital experiences mean that institutions cannot rely on what’s worked in the past to attract and retain customers.

Regional and mid-tier institutions in particular need a comprehensive banking platform to help them compete and scale with organic growth while enabling merger and acquisition initiatives. Institutions must be able to support both retail and commercial customers with digital financial solutions that provide the always-on experiences they expect.

Additionally, while digital experience was important before COVID-19, it’s a game changer now. Financial institutions must ensure the end-user experience they offer is seamless and fulfilling. Digital technologies are critical to this effort.

The Integrated Banking Solution (IBS) core processing platform from FIS® helps financial institutions differentiate their offerings to meet emerging customer needs by providing:

  1. Scalability to boost the business as it grows, organically or through mergers and acquisitions.
  2. Trusted partnership and a proven track record with the industry’s largest fintech leader.
  3. Robust, open APIs with plug-and-play capabilities to meet market opportunities as they arise.
  4. Data-driven insights and analytics to influence and improve the customer experience through customized offerings.

IBS empowers financial institutions with the most robust set of solutions available in the industry so they can adopt the technology it takes to differentiate themselves. Additionally, IBS helps institutions future-proof their technology so they can scale and grow more efficiently. Comprehensive, integrated and flexible, IBS works with other FIS solutions like Digital One, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and Code Connect to drive efficiencies and meet each financial institution’s unique go-to-market activities. Nearly 200 financial institutions across the U.S., over 40 with assets more than $10 billion, trust the IBS platform.

Built on the strength of FIS, the scalable IBS core platform empowers growth focused financial institutions to make data-informed decisions and create next-generation products that meet customer demands and leave the competition behind. Contact us to learn more.

About the Author
Tom McBride, senior vice president and group executive, FIS
Tom McBridesenior vice president and group executive, FIS

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