Make Improved Decisions at the Point of Origination

ChexAdvisor: The Missing Piece

The ChexAdvisor suite of solutions helps clients bridge the gap by providing alternative credit data on the consumer’s financial behavior history from DebitBureau®. Similar to a traditional credit report, ChexAdvisor provides:

  • Approximately 400 unique attributes
  • Optional demand deposit risk score

Clients commonly use this data to gain insight on the underserved consumer by augmenting their existing decision criteria with our unique new data. In short, gaining information on consumers that would have had little to no score or information at all! Traditional match rates can be estimated at:

  • Consumers with a SCORE at a traditional bureau: 70% match rate
  • Consumers with a THIN FILE at a traditional bureau: 66% match rate
  • Consumers with NO FILE at all with a traditional bureau: 37% match rate

ChexAdvisor Supports the Customer Life Cycle

ChexAdvisor Product Suite’s unique data assets can be leveraged across the customer life cycle of finding right product for the right consumer, new consumer account acquisition, or managing an existing consumer portfolio.

Customer Life Cycle: Target

  • Instant Prescreen (coming soon): Focuses on quickly extending a firm offer of credit to those consumers who meet the preapproved defined criteria
  • Prequalification: Focuses on finding the right credit product for the consumer, so the consumer can make the best choice

Customer Life Cycle: Acquisition

  • Acquire: Focuses on credit underwriting at the time of new account opening for consumers
    Most common use cases are:
    • Obtaining a new auto loan or lease
    • Applying for a Credit card
    • Opening Short term or installment loan
    • New utility or phone service
    • New Insurance policy

Customer Life Cycle: Portfolio Management

  • Account Review (coming soon): Focuses on managing risk and retention of an existing portfolio by understanding individual consumer behavior and overall portfolio health
  • Portfolio Valuation: Focuses on evaluations of portfolios for acquisition, assisting financial entities with understanding valuations

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To learn more, review the recent announcement regarding how FIS strengthens information intelligence offerings with ChexAdvisor.

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