Make improved decisions at the point of origination 

New Real-time Offering from the ChexSystems Solutions Suite

Managing risk, fraud and compliance is an ever-evolving responsibility. The new ChexAdvisor™ solution, powered by DebitBureau®, empowers lenders to raise the bar when assessing the overall risk of a consumer’s financial behavior.

Delivering some of the most comprehensive consumer debit and alternative behavioral information available, ChexAdvisor is proof of our continued focus to expand solution coverage with new, robust offerings. This new intelligence can be utilized independently or as a complement with other data to boost the overall risk evaluation outcome.

ChexAdvisor Delivers New and Enriched Information Intelligence

ChexAdvisor delivers on FIS’ commitment to empower underwriters with new and enriched intelligence to strengthen risk mitigation as well as bridge the gap on those financially underserved consumers within the U.S.

As the first offering from the real-time ChexSystems® Solution Suite of products, ChexAdvisor, at the point of origination, provides:

  • Approximately 300 attributes – inquiry, closure, check printing, retail
  • Risk score (v4)
  • Web services-based architecture
  • A la carte component service subscriptions (coming soon)

Advancements in the Evolution of Underwriting

FIS™ is committed to supporting the business objectives and strategic initiatives of our clients in various vertical markets such as automotive, credit card, installment, payday, secured loan and utilities. ChexAdvisor provides your business with a competitive advantage in a variety of areas:

  • Taps into a wealth of information via our greatest asset, DebitBureau, incorporating data from:
    • ChexSystems, the leading risk, fraud and compliance solution provider in the U.S.
    • Certegy®, the most widely accessed check authorization network in the country
    • Check printer vendors
  • DebitBureau contains 250 million consumer records, dynamically updated throughout the day.
  • FIS employs a best-in-class consumer search service with a robust matching and keying engine.
  • Fundamental practice of data sharing across all members advocates improved risk assessment as well as consumer financial responsibility.
  • Web services standards-based architecture provides ease of integration.

Learn More

To learn more, review the recent announcement regarding how FIS strengthens information intelligence offerings with ChexAdvisor.

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For Your Review

At the heart of the ChexSystems Solution Suite offerings is DebitBureau, powering our FCRA solutions. ChexAdvisor delivers a risk score and approximately 300 attributes in real-time , at the point of origination, across four event categories:

  • Inquiries; Account Origination, DDA and Lending
  • Forced DDA closures; abuse and fraud
  • Check printing orders
  • Non-sufficient funds (NSF), returned retail items