FIS | InnovateIN48

Creating a No Limits Culture


FIS | InnovateIN48 is our annual homegrown internal technology innovation competition – like a “Hackathon” or “Codeathon.” Highlighting FIS' focus on continuous learning and financial technology innovation, the event is designed to produce tangible new ideas and solutions to enhance FIS’ products and solutions. It underscores our commitment to our people, giving them the opportunity to grow and learn with their peers through collaborative and innovative thinking -- in a high-spiritied and fun way.

A Culture of Innovation

InnovateIN48 celebrates our culture of innovation. It shows our commitment to giving our people the opportunity to experiment, grow and learn through this event along with our digital innovation labs, collaborative ideation platforms like Yammer, and much more.

High Intensity and Team-spirited

48 hours to create and code – uninterrupted. Competitors are inspired by teammates and other FIS peers cheering them on via social media, as they strive for the coveted trophy and bragging rights to the No. 1 spot in InnovateIN48!

Real Solutions for Real Challenges

In 2018, competitors used emerging technology to develop an innovative solution aimed at solving a social problem in today’s world. In prior years, ideas born in InnovateIN48 evolved into actual client solutions
Innovation is important because it drives productivity and growth. Productivity and growth are what determines our long-term prosperity, both as an organization and as individuals inside the organization. When innovation is at the heart of a company like it is at FIS, it becomes not a distant destination remote on the horizon of possibilities, but a road map that guides our journey to future success."
- The Break FIS Club team – InnovateIN48 Global 2018 Competition Winners

2019 FIS | InnovateIN48

Innovation Is Empowering


2019 Marks the 7th annual running of FIS’ technology innovation competition, InnovateIN48. 333 teams will compete in the Regional Round April 10-12 in FIS offices around the world.

In the Regionals, teams from around the world compete from their respective locations to create the best prototype application in 48 hours to solve client challenge or improve a business process. The winners from the Regional Round then come together in the Final Round in a selected venue to be announced.

2018 Final Round Winners

In 2018, three teams made it to the championship podium at the end of the Final Round thanks to their innovative ideas for using technology to give back.