About InnovateIN48

FIS InnovateIN48, the FIS’ internal innovation competition, is all about experiential learning and harnessing emerging technology. This annual competition nurtures and celebrates our culture of innovation, keeping us on top of industry trends to better serve our clients.

A Culture of Innovation

FIS InnovateIN48 is a companywide celebration of our culture of innovation. It provides employees a great opportunity to work together to grow and learn using our digital innovation labs and collaborative platforms like Idea Hub, Yammer and Teams.

High Intensity and Team-spirited

48 hours to collaborate, create and code – uninterrupted. Competitors are inspired by teammates and other FIS peers cheering them on via social media, as they strive for the coveted trophy and bragging rights to the No. 1 spot in InnovateIN48!

Growth of the Event

The number of participants has grown year over year since the event began in 2013 with just over 400 participants. By the end of the 2022 competition, more than 10,000 colleagues have participated in InnovateIN48 in the 10 years of this event at FIS.

INNOVATEIN48 is FIS’ annual internal technology and innovation competition designed to spark creativity, collaboration and exploration.

See what it’s about

2023 Final Round Winners

In 2023, six teams were selected from the finalists, all of whom were challenged with developing concepts in support of the company’s Future Forward strategy. Teams experimented with generative AI to create potential solutions for FIS, focusing on either Operations Efficiencies or Products & Features.

Operational Efficiencies

FIStastic Beasts (APAC)
Their solution refines JIRA user stories using generative AI and a team of virtual bots. It injects a button into JIRA that allows the user to select which bots they want to help them with the refinement process. It can also query the team's wiki and a database of policies to learn the context and requirements of the project.

Products & Features

V-Match (India)
Their solution is a chat-based application which can be integrated with Code Connect. It provides search functionalities for APIs and sample code generation for the integration.

Operational Efficiencies

Latent Space (India)
Their solution automates document generation using large language models and multi-agent collaboration. It can create models or workflows for different types of documents, such as project planning, statement of work, user stories, etc., and can configure and test the models using an administration panel and a chat interface, while also utilizing multiple AI agents.

Products & Features

Pseudoboom (India)
Their solution uses generative AI to automate and improve the compliance regulation process. It provides regulation website scraping, regulation change detection and an Azure function to create JIRA tickets for the compliance team based on the detected changes and assign them to the SMEs.

Operational Efficiencies

Voxels (U.S.)
The team created a career companion chatbot that helps development teams improve their productivity, performance and culture. Their chatbot can integrate with Microsoft Teams and JIRA to collect data from multiple sources and generate insights, metrics and actions for each team member.

Products & Features

Turing (EMEA)
Their solution uses generative AI to optimize liquidity management for corporate treasuries using FIS Integrity SaaS product. This includes a natural language interface that can generate SQL queries and provide forecasting and reporting based on the user's questions, along with other retrieval features.

For me, InnovateIN48 has always been an exciting competition, especially if you get to the Finals. InnovateIN48 allows you to come up with new ideas and implement them. It’s also a great way to work with different people and see what else people are working on. It’s a lot of hard work, however, so worth it. Being fortunate to have won the competition once was just the cherry on top.”
– Paul Williams, Team Captain