Innovative fintech for Fortune 50 corporations, for the hottest startups. For global banks, for local retailers. We are FIS. We put innovation to work for you.

The world relies on FIS

Healthy economies depend on healthy financial systems. That’s especially important in today’s global economic environment, and it’s why the world relies on software from FIS. Our uptime is over 99%, keeping our systems safe for over 15,000 clients globally.

Our asset management technology processes $50 trillion on an annual basis.

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The world runs on FIS

We work with 95% of the world’s leading banks. So when you buy a coffee, check your balances, or invest in your 401(K), you’re likely running on FIS software.

The world builds on FIS

Since 1968, we’ve been pushing the limits and building the strength of financial technology. That’s why today, from Wall Street to Silicon Valley to places that have yet to emerge on the world scene, the most-innovative companies partner with FIS to build differentiating payment, banking and investment systems that improve the way we all live, work and play.

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Innovators start here. (And never stop.)

Fintech innovation demands more than an original idea. You have to take that idea and develop it into a reliable product for the largest possible audience faster than your competition.

That's tough – whether you’re a garage startup or a global conglomerate, which is why FIS has made it our mission to become your destination for financial innovation.

We work with you to get new products to market faster, smarter, and ...more securely than anyone else. We've done it for Google, Apple and Goldman Sachs – and countless... disruptors, visionaries, game-changers and ground breakers like you.

Innovate. Innovate. Innovate.

Innovate with Speed

Whether you’re a giant enterprise or a startup, don’t waste time starting from scratch. FIS offers flexible cloud-based solutions for core payment, banking and investment functionality. You can focus your energy and resources where they matter most – innovation.

Innovate with Stability

When it comes to fintech, reliability is nonnegotiable. Reliability is the key to any product's success. And the reliable and efficient movement of money is vital to society – to individuals, corporations, whole societies. At FIS, reliability begins – and never ends – with stability. That's why we guarantee – yes, guarantee – that our products work 99.9925% of the time. That's an average of 6.48 seconds of downtime per day.

Innovate with Partners

For more than half a century, we’ve helped organizations of all types and sizes create amazing, secure and intuitive finance and commerce experiences for their billions of customers. Together, we’ve changed the world for the better. We couldn’t be prouder of how we’ve helped so many people move, manage and secure their money.

Innovation that matters brings recognition that matters

The leading names and companies in fintech recognize FIS as a leader, as an innovator, as people who help advance the world. Their recognition is important to us: yours, even more-so.

Awards and recognitions

Leading in fintech and humanity

We’re involved in the community

Wherever FIS works for business, we work as well for communities. We don’t just advance the way the world pays, banks and invests. We advance the world.

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Socially responsible investors and investments

With business and customers all over the world, helping improve the world through ESG is something FIS takes very seriously.

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