The Accelerator Program by FIS is designed to:

Accelerate the pace of innovation in financial services

Create and validate emerging technology use cases and partner with customers to accelerate impactful technologies

Actively build the fintech community of the future as we bring all active participants together

ASA is an embedded fintech platform that connects financial institutions with customer-facing fintechs in a secure, compliant and easy-to-implement marketplace. With ASA, banks and credit unions can innovate faster while fintechs scale with more ease and end users take control of their data and finances.

Landon Glenn, CEO of ASA

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Driven by low code and AI, AutoCloud is a cloud infrastructure and process automation tool that turns your existing team members into cloud experts. It helps you build any system on any cloud provider while enforcing standardization through automation so you can achieve better security, scalability, lightning-fast time to market and reduce cloud waste and compliance risk.

Tyson Kunovsky, CEO of AutoCloud

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Azimuth transforms the way industries manage regulatory compliance by being the only company to replace sample-based manual testing with automated full-population compliance testing. With Azimuth’s revolutionary platform, institutions can quickly test an entire portfolio and determine if it’s complaint.

Rohin Tagra, CEO of Azimuth GRC

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DIRO is the first bank and address verification platform with full global coverage. Its technology in Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) is used to onboard consumers, vendors and merchants. DIRO works with Tier 1 global banks, payment providers, lenders, wealth management and identity verification companies.

Vishal Gupta, Founder of DIRO

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Forage enables merchants to accept government benefits through a single, unified API. Today, over 42 million Americans receive government assistance to buy groceries.

Ofek Lavian, CEO of Forage

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As a global trust network, IDPartner uses bank-based identify to verify the identity of 250 million people in the U.S. and U.K. IDPartner helps banks become an indispensable part of customers’ digital lives and deliver new types of payment and anti-fraud solutions to their customers.

Rod Boothby, CEO of IDPartner

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Kani automates reconciliation and reporting services for payments companies and fintechs globally, enabling them to accurately report and fulfill compliance obligations faster. Electronic money institutions, BIN sponsors, challenger banks and fintechs all use Kani to complete weeks of complex transaction reporting and reconciliation tasks in under 30 seconds.

Aaron Holmes, CEO of Kani

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Lama AI enables banks and other lenders to deliver fair capital to business owners with speed and efficiency by digitizing and automating its commercial lending practices. From onboarding to closing, Lama AI offers an unparalleled platform to accelerate the lending process and provides a superior experience for both the business owner and lender.

Omri Yacubovich, CEO of Lama AI

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NayaOne provides a single point of access for hundreds of fintechs to run proof of concepts in a matter of weeks, not months. Build product positions for your customers by leveraging the fintech ecosystem.

Karan Jain, CEO of NayaOne

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Triple turns unorganized transaction data, such as the merchant brand name, logo, category, subcategory location and subscription details, into clear information. Enriched data gives bank customers a better understanding of their transactions, which leads to improved NPS, more app usage and a decrease in customer support costs and chargebacks.

Mario Navarro, CEO of Triple

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12 weeks. 10 companies.

One goal: Success

During the 12-week program, bankers, subject matter experts, and financial service executives engage with pre-vetted, market-validated fintech companies. This provides financial institution leaders the unique opportunity to visit with each of the portfolio companies participating in the program and help refine their product models to suit customer needs.

Program Benefits

  • fis-icon-check FIS Investment
  • fis-icon-check Industry Connections
  • fis-icon-check Subject Matter Expert Curriculum
  • fis-icon-check Mentorship Program
  • fis-icon-check Bank Engagement
  • fis-icon-check Demo Day

FIS Fintech Accelerator Alumni