About InnovateIN48 Partner Edition

Between rapid technological advancements, increasing data flows and the blurring of industry lines, transformative ideas are reshaping the very core of financial services. Innovation knows no bounds, whether from a bustling startup hub or the heart of an established enterprise.

The InnovateIN48 Partner Edition is all about connecting the hidden gems of fintech innovation within the FIS® ecosystem. Partner Edition is our gateway program where promising early-stage companies and leading businesses across domains get an opportunity to connect with our lines of business, the accelerator, venture and alliance partner programs and more to build a virtuous win-win ecosystem for everyone.*

Turn visionary ideas into reality through strategic collaboration

  • Integrate your innovative solutions with our key themes.
  • Connect with startups, businesses and our entire ecosystem.
  • Seize the opportunity to elevate your venture’s profile.
  • Build transformative relationships and potential partnerships.
  • Engage with our global thought leaders and decision-makers.
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2023 themes

Data and AI

From predictive analytics to cognitive systems, reinvent the decision-making landscape.

Digital assets

Navigate the dynamics of digital ownership, from protocols to tokenized assets.

Customer experience

Craft more seamless and personalized experiences in an ever-evolving fintech space.

Embedded finance

Embed financial services into nonfinancial applications with more ease, amplifying value.

B2B fintech

Drive operational efficiencies to forge stronger B2B relationships in the fintech domain.

Trust and security

Build formidable defenses and foster trust in a digital-first financial world.

Beyond fintech

Venture into uncharted territories where finance blends with unconventional domains.

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What’s in it for you?

Early-stage companies can leverage our customer reach, deep understanding of financial services, experience in navigating regulatory complexity and belief that the startup ecosystem has much to offer when it comes to industry evolution. This can help winning startups have an opportunity to unleash the power of their execution, acquire customers and scale their business.

  • Get the chance to work with our teams to build use case for a proof of concept.
  • Enjoy a fast-track application for the FIS Accelerator program.
  • Enhance visibility with the FIS Alliance and FIS Ventures programs.
  • Explore and learn about FIS developer experience initiatives.
  • Gain insights into our collaborations with other startups.

Virtual Launch Event

The two-day flagship event is a curtain-raiser to the InnovateIN48 Partner Edition program. This event provides a comprehensive introduction to the FIS innovation ecosystem. Meet the founder and leaders of current startups and partners working with us.

Gain instant access to the
FIS InnovateIN48 2022 and 2023 Launch Event Sessions.

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*Participants may be provided with opportunities as outlined in this page. However, participation in the FIS InnovateIN48 Partner Edition does not guarantee any success or growth opportunities to partners.