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Please be aware that FIS™ uses cookies to track your new and returning visits to our site. This information may be used to enable social media connections, enable you to set preferences and produce website activity reports, including the number of visitors our website receives and which pages are viewed. We do not use cookies to collect personally identifiable information. The situations under which we collect this information follow.


FIS uses Google Analytics to collect information used to improve your experience on this website. Google Analytics stores information about your activity on this website, including:

This information enables us to improve our website services so you can quickly access information relevant to you. We do not collect or store your name, address or other personal information and restrict Google from using or sharing our analytic data.

Google Analytics uses the following cookies to track:

FIS also uses the following Qualtrics cookie to track usage of our online polls:


FIS sets cookies that enable us to manage your visits to our website including individual sessions and selections made during your visit. Specifically, we use:

Strictly Necessary

Some cookies on this website are strictly necessary and cannot be disabled.

NOTE: None of the above cookies contain personal identification information.

Social Media

Social media cookies set unique, non-personally identifiable IDs that track social media including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and share user habits.

The following social media cookies are set by AddThis:

  1. loc -Expires in two years
  2. Ssh two years - Expires in two years
  3. Ssc - Expires in two years
  4. uid - Expires in two years
  5. bt - Expires in two years
  6. bT2 - Expires in 8 months, 13 days
  7.  __atuvc - Expires in two years
  8. uit - Expires in 24 hours
  9. di - Expires in two years
  10. dt - Expires in 30 days
  11. -BCSI-CS-efabbcd182c55536: Expires at the end of each session

While each cookie has a unique function, the overriding purpose of AddThis cookies is to construct visitor interest models and user habits. Each cookie stores non-personally identifiable IDs in a random string of letters or numbers or both.

Links to Other Sites

FIS is not responsible for the contents of linked websites not our own, including, but not limited to, links to other FIS Group companies outside the UK or Ireland herein referred to as “other sites.” We do not review nor endorse the content of other sites and are not liable for products or service they provide.

FIS is not responsible or liable for the privacy of data collected by other sites cookies or the content or advice they provide. Therefore, other sites are not governed by this privacy policy. Please exercise caution and review each site’s privacy statements prior to exploring other sites.

How to Control and Delete Cookies

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