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Community Banking

    Bankers pore over demographics to design branches of tomorrow

    Banks have shuttered more than 16,000 branches in the last six years, with 2017 on pace to be one of the busiest years on record for closures, based on data collected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Other locations are being replaced with smaller offices as cost-conscious banks trim occupancy expenses in the face of declining foot traffic.

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    Customer Expectations

      What women's growing wealth means for banks

      Up until the last few decades, the financial world imposed nearly impenetrable barriers that prevented women from reaching the highest levels of an organization. This was the case both in terms of hiring women and offering products. But these days, equality has become a widely touted priority for businesses and positive gains have been occurring within the industry and the regulatory community.

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      Information Security

        Behavior analysis is the hardest factor for crooks to steal

        Authentication is the root of the fraud problem. In other words, correctly identifying a valid customer, instead of an imposter who has the legitimate customer credentials, or a valid online transaction from a fraudulent one. And the user's beavior may be the best way to vet identity.

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        Off the Wall

          Brick-and-mortar stores deserve the heat from Amazon; Disruptive technology can’t come soon enough

          n every age, new technologies disrupt the status quo. In markets, those rip down boundaries defining the territories of established businesses and instigate creative destruction.

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          Regulatory Change

            Regulators must wake up to banking’s branchless future

            Numerous commentators have pushed back against regulators’ unfavorable view of brokered deposits, arguing that they are safe and sound and do not deserve criticism. I would like to take that a step further and describe why brokered deposits are necessary to the normal evolution of banking. Regulators must facilitate rather than obstruct the natural development of the nation’s banking system.

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              How banks can beat digital lenders at their own game

              Many depositories have learned that if they fail to modernize their lending processes, they risk being left behind. At the same time, many startups have been stymied by certain intractable advantages held by the banking sector, the most notable being significantly lower funding costs.

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