Commercial Lending Suite

Delivering the Lending Journey of the Future

As corporate customers and investors adopt a mobile and social lifestyle in their personal lives, their expectations of their work practices are evolving to match. Instant digital access to information and services is now a baseline expectation, and a business transaction must be as sophisticated as the latest consumer platform.

That’s why FIS has brought together our leading solutions for commercial lending into a single suite. Whether you’re working with a small to medium enterprise or a complex multinational corporation, you can deliver an exceptional customer experience – and reduce costs at the same time.

With the FIS™ Commercial Lending Suite, you can choose from a complete solution for the entire commercial loan process with built-in workflow and analytics or specific modules based on your individual needs to deliver an exceptional customer experience and reduce costs.

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FIS Commercial Lending Suite is delivered on technology that supports both the customer’s interactions and the entire process behind the scenes; you can easily adapt to market disruption, differentiate yourself from the competitors and rise to meet your customers’ expectations.

Commercial Loan Origination

For many organizations, the commercial loan origination process represents one of the most labor-intensive and complex processes to manage. Supported by a network of high-value business and risk stakeholders, critical customer information and data is often maintained across an aging and fragmented system architecture, with limited automation and presentation of a single, consistent customer view. Delays and inconsistencies are inevitable, as is the lack of transparency – both internally and to the organization’s customers.

In an ever more regulated and competitive market, the demand for efficient use of both human and financial assets makes this no longer acceptable . FIS Commercial Loan Origination tackles these challenges head-on. Built on responsive technology, our solution helps bring your institution to the next level of customer engagement, risk analysis and profitability optimization throughout the credit life cycle:

  • Get a complete 360-degree view of the customer relationship for informed decision-making.
  • Cut response times and time to cash through streamlined credit process automation.
  • Reduce costs through a modern, open architecture designed to support seamless connectivity.
  • Boost revenue by attracting customers with a truly digital, self-service and intuitive experience.

ACBS™, an enterprise-level modular commercial lending solution, facilitates commercial loan management and accounting across multiple business lines and geographic locations .

  • Gain new efficiencies with back-office servicing that includes complex credits, commercial real estate, and small business and middle-market lending.
  • Increase revenue with complex syndications that enable seamless customer relationship management.
  • Gain valuable insights about your organization with extensive business intelligence reporting.

Ambit Optimist takes your typical underwriting interactions from data gathering exercises to critical trust and relationship-strengthening discussions.

  • Efficiently and cost-effectively manage commercial credit risk assessment with industry-specific spreading and analysis.
  • Drive customer satisfaction and retention through your commercial lending solution by providing customers with value-added analysis and insights.
  • Make more informed credit decisions and drive credit quality with an advanced credit assessment solution that provides consistent, holistic views of customers and prospects.
  • Improve overall profitability by empowering your lenders to compete in a price-sensitive market.
  • Gain clear visibility into potential trouble spots with portfolio concentration, risk rating, performance trend reporting and scenario analysis.