Regulatory Compliance

Compliance Solutions for Greater Visibility and Efficiency

Compliance officers must manage vast, disparate data and processes to comply with ever-changing global trading regulations, often against tight deadlines. FIS™’ Protegent suite of compliance solutions increases visibility across operational data, highlights risk areas for financial crime compliance and integrates workflows for evidence of review. This provides compliance departments with more transparency and efficiency.

  • Use compliance solutions to identify patterns of trading behavior across multiple asset classes that may indicate market manipulation or illegal insider trading.
  • Administer personal trading processes for the entire staff to ensure that conflicts of interest are managed appropriately.
  • Manage and mitigate conflicts between lines of business within the organization.
  • Facilitate and expedite the opening of new brokerage and nonbrokerage accounts while fulfilling Know Your Customer (KYC) and suitability responsibilities.
  • Establish policies around using social media as a viable and effective means of customer outreach.
  • Keep up with changes in the regulatory environment and ensure that staff are in step via policy dissemination and continuing education.

Customer Onboarding

Cut the Risk of New Relationships through Automated Compliance Solutions

The process for opening new brokerage and nonbrokerage accounts must involve more than just opening the accounts if the goal is higher open rates, greater broker satisfaction and risk mitigation. Protegent Customer Onboard trading compliance software automates time-consuming manual tasks, reduces training time and ensures greater regulatory compliance.

  • Facilitate and expedite the process of opening new accounts with a single point of entry for distinct account types across multiple back-end applications.
  • Reduce not-in-good-order (NIGO) applications, which means lower operation costs.
  • Ensure compliance with Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and anti-money laundering (AML) regulations.
  • Automate and streamline many time-consuming and error-prone tasks.
  • Integrate Protogent Customer Onboard with FIS™’ Protegent Surveillance trading compliance software solution, or use it as a standalone product.

Employee Trading and Code of Ethics

Rely on Your Own Personal Trading Assistant to Reduce Complexity

Many firms subject to personal trading mandates have to contend with a complex compliance process and excessive paperwork. FIS™’ Protegent Personal Trading Assistant (PTA), a web-based trading compliance software application, automates compliance with personal trading regulations covering the full spectrum of regulatory agencies, self-regulating organizations and your internal code of ethics and policies.

  • Simplify the compliance process, reduce paperwork, and ensure comprehensive, documented compliance with your own highly automated personal trading assistant.
  • Gain complete control over a rules validation engine to customize the solution to your needs.
  • Quickly and easily retrieve reports.
  • Take advantage of expert resources through Protegent PTA’s support services.

Market Abuse

Gain Total Confidence with a Complete Market Abuse Software Solution

With mounting global compliance risks, comprehensive compliance solutions and market abuse software tools are necessary to address market manipulation and insider trading concerns. Protegent Surveillance for Market Abuse provides the holistic monitoring, detection and resolution tools needed, combining the benefits of a comprehensive, off-the-shelf compliance solution with the adaptability of custom-built market abuse software.

  • Holistically identify and address market manipulation and insider trading concerns across asset classes and jurisdictions, with calibration controls to avert false positives.
  • More effectively and efficiently respond to all regulatory or stakeholder queries.
  • Stay abreast of looming breaches with instant alerts.
  • Use advanced trade surveillance software to detect changes in trading activity patterns that may be symptomatic of potential abuses.
  • Benefit from a robust rule library built from years of industry experience; view, edit and add to the library according to your changing needs.

Sales Package Review and Suitability

Trade Surveillance Software for Stamping out Suspicious Activity

Always on the lookout for questionable transactions and high-risk positions, sell-side retail brokerage firms need an enterprise trade surveillance tool to meet mounting regulatory requirements. Protegent Surveillance trading compliance software detects suspicious trading activity and addresses supervision and suitability requirements across the enterprise, helping you mitigate reputational, internal and regulatory risks.

  • Automate surveillance and supervision processes with trade surveillance software that helps you identify, investigate and manage suspicious trading activity.
  • Keep pace with regulatory changes, and respond quickly to regulatory and legal inquiries.
  • Detect a broad range of issues, including commissions, concentration, suitability, licensing, breakpoints, market manipulation, AML, restricted holdings and insider trading activity.
  • Improve field supervision processes and field audits.

Social Media

Adhere to Policies and Regulations with Social Media Surveillance Software

Social media usage continues to grow exponentially, increasing risk exposure to applicable regulations. That’s why firms need social media surveillance and compliance software to manage and archive the communications under books and records requirements. Protegent Social Media Surveillance software helps you establish and enforce social media usage policies while mitigating risks and achieving compliance.

  • Monitor and archive activity and content posted to social networking sites, no matter what device was used to make the posts.
  • Manage supervisory and books and records requirements set forth in the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)’s Regulatory Notice 10-06 by using tools for moderation and preapproval of content that may be considered advertising.
  • Strengthen internal policy enforcement, training and education.
  • Perform complete analyses of your firm’s social networking activity.
  • Monitors all content and activity with no exception for the posting device.

Trading Compliance

Multiasset Trading Compliance Software for the Complete Order Life Cycle

Sell-side firms need to meet strict regulatory reporting requirements on large volumes of data every day. Protegent Trading Compliance, a multiasset software solution, provides a complete view into an order’s life cycle through alert-driven, intraday trade surveillance tools and regulatory reporting capabilities supported by comprehensive market data and client data warehouses.

  • Gain new efficiencies in daily reviews, trade cost analysis, Reg NMS compliance, best execution, 605 and 606 reporting, market manipulation and other general trading compliance.
  • Perform audits and respond to regulatory inquiries in a timely manner.
  • Alleviate data storage challenges.
  • Protect access to information with permissions-based controls.
  • Gain access to independent and comprehensive market data (Level I, BBO, Level II and Last Sale).
  • Enable end users to create ad hoc reports.