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SunGard wins Insurance Risk Awards for best actuarial modelling software and best data management service provider

SunGard has received two 2015 Insurance Risk awards for “Best Actuarial Modelling Software” for its Prophet actuarial modelling solutions, and “Best Data Management Service Provider” specifically for its Prophet Data Management Platform. The awards were announced at a reception on November 11th in London.

Covering life, general insurance, health and pensions, SunGard’s Prophet provides enterprise-level actuarial modelling with integrated business process management and risk analytics, supported by a global team of actuarial and risk management experts. SunGard’s Prophet Data Management Platform further supports insurers’ needs for the efficient production of accurate management information and regulatory reports.

Rob Mannix, asset management & insurance editor,, said: “A more demanding regulatory environment is placing the performance of insurers’ risk and actuarial functions in sharper focus. Actuaries need to deliver more detailed and reliable risk information, more quickly, and with greater transparency around how processes are managed. Together with risk managers, they also need to provide reliable risk-based business intelligence to help steer their firm. SunGard’s continued investment in its Prophet solution both in terms of its actuarial modelling as well as the delivery and presentation of risk intelligence have helped it to earn this recognition.”

J.P. James, president of SunGard’s insurance business, said: “Our continued investments in Prophet are aimed at helping our customers adapt to a challenging new environment - one that calls for high-quality, high-performance and cost-effective solutions. Our customers are looking to streamline their end-to-end risk processes involving ever-increasing volumes of data to achieve greater efficiency, and to convert that data into better business intelligence for an expanding audience. Investments in Prophet’s capabilities by way of advanced analytical techniques, process management and automation capabilities, and managed cloud services are important pillars in this effort. They represent our ongoing commitment to our customers and the industry.”

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