Our Commitment

FIS strives to build strong relationships with suppliers who value our guiding principles, demonstrate strong integrity and can provide the best solution for our company in the short and long term.

We welcome suppliers who are strongly committed and hardworking and who enjoy cooperation and collaboration for a mutually beneficial business relationship.

We continuously seek innovative ways to acquire goods and services to maximize our efficiency and cost savings, including alternative  solutions to better meet the needs of our internal customers.

We work closely with our suppliers to develop and maintain a sustainable supply chain that benefits our clients, colleagues and communities across the world.

Managing a Sustainable Supply Chain

To align our supply chain management practices with our commitment to sustainability, FIS Global is working with EcoVadis, a global ESG rating company that relies on international standards, to conduct and monitor individual sustainability performance assessments of our suppliers. 

Suppliers are invited to support our initiative by participating in an assessment of their sustainable business practices. If Suppliers are already registered on EcoVadis, they are invited to share their sustainability profile with FIS.

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