HORIZON Core Banking System

Delivering an open, flexible and scalable core banking system suite

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The Secure, Simple and Transparent Modern Community Bank Core Platform

Community banks thrive on building relationships and a sense of community in the markets they serve. To thrive operationally and competitively, they must rely on a strong core technology partnership to maintain profitability and remain relevant to their customers. FIS offers a proven track record with years of experience delivering critical core banking services and technology to financial institutions.

With intuitive navigation, customer centric design, HORIZON combines proven banking functionality with a modern architecture and experience. Its familiar look and feel is browser agnostic, making it simple and easy to use. From desktop to tablet, it empowers your customers to take the business of banking anywhere.

Why It’s Critical That Every Community Bank Focuses on Innovation That Matters

Consolidation is transforming the community bank space. Learn why it’s critical that community banks focus on investing in technology and innovations that empower their customers.

Why It’s Critical That Every Community Bank Focuses on Innovation That Matters Download PDF

Innovative Experiences

Customer-centric experience with intuitive and easy navigation

Secure Solution

Comprehensive field-level security and monitoring, enterprise-level access and maintenance logging

Flexible Future

Open, flexible and scalable application suite that allows your institution to adapt rapidly to future needs

Developer Resources

Customize for Your Business Needs

Access every category of APIs through Code Connect, so you can enhance any solution.

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Our Clients

Heritage Bank and HORIZON - Building the Sustainable Community Bank

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We wanted to create something called the sustainable community bank that could withstand competitive pressure, deliver opportunities to our shareholders, provide products to our customers and be user-friendly to meet the needs of our employees. Leonard Moreland CEO, Heritage Southeast Bancorporation

Our Clients

Modernizing a Venerable Washington D.C. Bank

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The move to the FIS HORIZON core opens the door to the implementation of a wealth of new products and services including advanced e-banking and treasury management features, new payment options, better sales and relationship management, and broader MIS reporting options. Richard B. Anderson Jr. / President & CEO, National Capital Bank of Washington


Adapting the Banker Experience to Current Times

The challenges created by these turbulent times also present remarkable opportunities for community banks. All it takes are the right strategies aligned with the proper supporting technology to separate the leaders from the rest of the pack.

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Community Banking, Modernized

Enabling digital financial experiences is critical for community banks to survive and thrive in the current marketplace.

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Digital One

FIS Digital One® offers a customer-centric banking experience for your customers, business clients and bankers – providing consistency across digital and mobile self-service and banker-assisted channels.


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