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Elevate the Client Experience with Your Private Equity Investor Portal

FIS™ Data Exchange is a digital investor portal that provides private equity managers, partners, investors and stakeholders with an advanced investor relations data visualization solution, interactive reporting, e-signing and secure document access.

Our self-service, mobile-enabled investor portal enables you to monitor capital events and dynamically analyze performance and exposure of portfolios, managers, funds and underlying holdings anytime, anywhere – all while reinforcing your brand.

Discover the FIS Private Equity Investor Portal

Deliver an exceptional user experience while boosting your brand with an advanced private equity investor portal

Gain Superior Insight

Aggregate and visualize data with industry-leading business intelligence tools within your investor portal

Raise and Retain Capital

Use your investor portal to provide potential investors with secure access to investment information

Streamline Workflows and Enable Collaboration

Easily exchange information with stakeholders in your investor portal to satisfy business requirements

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