FIS Securities Finance Trading and Collateral Platform

Formerly Apex Collateral

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Are You Ready to Optimize Collateral Management?

FIS® Securities Finance Trading and Collateral Platform (formerly Apex Collateral) empowers you to improve your collateral optimization and manage risk with a real-time, consolidated view of global assets. The solution is designed to streamline and automate collateral management processes and infrastructure to cope with the increased volume and complexity the operations team must handle.

This modular collateral management system provides front-to-back trading and trade management, as well as gateways to established market infrastructure data providers and tri-party agents, CCPs and brokers. More than 70 standard adapters are maintained and available out of the box.

How FIS Empowers Collateral Management

Discover how increased transparency can enhance collateral optimization and reduce risk

Consolidate Your View of Global Assets

A single, cross-product and cross-asset view to optimize collateral across business lines

Increase Trading Revenues

Front-to-back trading and trade management for repo, securities borrowing and lending, and synthetics

Plug into a State-of-the-Art Connectivity Module

Enables easy integration with up- and downstream third-party systems

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