The 2017 PACE Report provides meaningful, actionable insights for becoming and remaining your customers' first choice in financial institutions.

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For the US market, we have created three meaningful, actionable reports for becoming and remaining the first choice for your customers' financial services. Please select the relevant report below.


Life Events

Where banking meets life.

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Opportunities abound for banks in Canada to grow by better positioning themselves as advisors to their customers, helping them plan and save for life events and realize their financial aspirations.

Gen Xers and senior millennials share similar incomes and banking habits.

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In Canada, as is seen elsewhere, there is clearly a break within the millennial segment, as senior millennials (ages 26 – 36) are taking out loans and signing up for investment services more frequently than younger millennials (18 – 25). In short, many of their behaviors line up with Gen Xers (37 – 51).

Canada - Life Events - Chart 1

Banks can grow by supporting customers in achieving their financial aspirations.

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Canda - Life Events - Chart 2

Banks have numerous opportunities to assist Canadian consumers with achieving their goals. Financial institutions that focus on addressing consumers’ pain points (such as finding appropriate investments) have the most opportunity to gain market share and win over the next generation of banking customers.

Senior millennials and Gen Xers need help planning for retirement.

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Canada’s senior millennials and Gen Xers are most comfortable consulting an in-person financial advisor. Not surprisingly, the top reason for contacting an advisor is to get help with planning for retirement – which isn’t too far off for Generation X.

Canada - Life Events - Chart 3

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