FIS Quantum

Improve visibility and control around cash and risk

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A Digital, Modernized Treasury Management System

FIS® Quantum is a treasury management system that gives you greater visibility and control around cash and liquidity management, risk management, hedge accounting, FX, interest rate and commodity derivatives management, in-house banking and netting, payments, regulatory reporting, cash forecasting and more. You can deploy Quantum in a secure private cloud or on-premise environment.

Quantum can be used with our Bank Account Management solution, which provides standard workflows for opening, closing and maintaining bank accounts. It can also be used with our Short-term Cash Management solution – which handles funds through a single connection – and with our Managed Bank Connectivity solution for secure connectivity between your treasury and payments solutions and banking partners.

How FIS Empowers Treasury Management

Take control with your treasury management system

Choose from Flexible Options

Integrate with other systems whether Quantum is in a secure, private cloud or on-premises

Rely on an Experienced Team

Leverage our managed, functional and technical client services team of experts

Minimize Disruptions

Implement and migrate easily with easy-to-consume treasury management software that helps reduce costs

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