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Gain a Complete View of Risk Across Your Portfolio

FIS™ APT is a risk management and risk reporting solution for buy-side firms. It supports a diverse set of investment strategies and regulatory regimes, including pre-trade analysis, forward-looking stress tests for exposure to new and prevailing market risk factors, risk attribution, risk analysis, risk monitoring and risk reporting.

APT leverages a multi-asset class factor model and is available deployed, cloud-hosted or through FIS’ Risk as a Service (RaaS) model.

How FIS Is Modernizing Investment Risk Management

Integrate cross-asset trading, portfolio management and investment risk for a complete view of risk across your portfolio

Support Multi-asset Class Strategies

Manage risk across products, from equities, rates, credit and derivatives to illiquid assets, with our multi-factor framework

Run Complex Risk Analytics and Optimize your Portfolio

From what-if analysis to advanced stress testing and scenario analysis, our powerful attribution framework can drill into risk and return drivers

Leverage Interactive Dashboards for Modern Risk Management

Easy-to-use, flexible dashboards provide insights across your portfolio data, with multiple views and drill downs, plus the ability to run enterprise risk reports


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