Lead the future of your business with Ethos™:
the comprehensive fintech data ecosystem from FIS


Ethos™ Clarity

Clearly understand your customers’ transactions and lifestyle characteristics

Merchant transaction data can feel like a complicated mess, with cryptic merchant and transaction descriptions that have nearly endless variations. At the same time, these details hold a treasure trove of information about customer lifestyle patterns and key signals about how you can better serve their needs and maximize your targeting. Clarity cuts through the confusion, providing a clear view of the person behind each transaction or payment through the normalization of merchant location information and enhanced persona insights.

Easily Distill Millions of Merchant Transaction Description Variants

Make sense of customer transactions with a holistic view of all transactions and lifestyle attributes.

Exclusive features of Clarity:

Transaction Clarity – Comprehensive data mapping and contextualizing – Taps into the industry’s leading database of over 20 billion transactions and 30 million merchant identification variations to make your merchant payment or transactional data meaningful and actionable.

Consumer Clarity – Lifestyle tagging – Provides a proprietary and robust classification system with categorized, descriptive data tags about the consumer that serves as a foundation for insights, analytics, and marketing engagement programs.

Ease of use and integration – Access data visualizations and leverage simple API capabilities to solve your unique needs.