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How Credit Unions can Level the Digital Playing Field by Jim Johnson

June 26, 2019

Jim Johnson, FIS | Head of Financial Institution Payments

A recent survey found nearly half of credit unions want to expand their digital presence in 2019, up 19% from 2018. But the majority still feel that they are unable to compete with top or midtier banks in digital channels. With growing expectations from younger consumers for seamless and intuitive technology, credit unions should seize the opportunity for digital to transform their member experience.

The clock is ticking – Gartner predicts 85% of all customer service interactions will be powered by chatbots by 2020. As institutions that pride themselves on customer service, credit unions can embrace digital to meet and exceed member expectations.

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Jim Johnson

FIS | Head of Financial Institution Payments

Jim is a results-driven executive with 21 years of experience at FIS, successfully leading businesses and serving his client’s needs in the financial, retail, government and insurance sectors. He oversees Business Operations, Information Technology, Development, Project Management and Implementations for Financial Institution Payments. Jim is heavily focused on implementing strategic planning and execution, focusing on talent and teamwork, and relying on metrics to measure success.