Bank Compliance Software

Tools and Training to Guard against Risk

Risk comes from many external and internal sources, so you need tools to identify, monitor, measure and remediate threatening forces. FIS offers solutions to enhance your fraud program, prevent anti-money laundering and bank secrecy issues, combat cybercrime and ensure that your staff is trained as a powerful first line of defense.

  • Prevent fraud losses and cybersecurity attacks.
  • Establish programs to combat terrorist financing activity.
  • Identify risks before they become problems.
  • Improve your compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Enhance your staff’s awareness and skills in preventing risk.


Easing the Burden of Regulatory Requirements

The regulatory environment is increasingly complex and always changing, and failure to maintain compliance carries stiff financial and reputational consequences. FIS can help train your staff and fulfill regulatory requirements.

  • Benefit from the expertise of our compliance team that comprises Certified Regulatory Compliance Managers and ATD certified instructional designers
  • Educate every level of your staff on bank secrecy, anti-money laundering, protection from terrorism, fair lending practices, consumer protection and more.
  • Tap into more than 250 training courses in the FIS Regulatory University, a robust learning management system that uses real-world scenarios and immediate feedback.


Assessing and Mitigating Critical Cybervulnerabilities

In the wake of high-profile data breaches and the resulting FFIEC Alert and Cybersecurity Assessment, financial institutions are expected to detect cybervulnerabilities, especially privileged user credential hijacking, and take prompt risk mitigation to prevent a cyberdisaster. FIS’ cybersecurity solutions can analyze millions of records to detect critical vulnerabilities and trigger alerts for case management, forensics and risk mitigation action.

  • Detect privileged user compromise – Identify privileged user compromise on a timely basis to prevent data loss and cyberdisaster.
  • Prevent corporate account takeover and other cybervulnerabilities – Detect corporate account takeover attempts promptly, detect emerging botnet attacks and other vulnerabilities, prevent losses and damage to reputation
FIS Software Cybersecurity Solutions

Financial Crime Management

Risk Monitoring, Analytics, Detection and Prevention

Monitoring, analyzing, detecting and preventing financial crimes are regulatory requirements, with expectations that a robust system be in place based on the institution’s risk profile. Non-compliance goes beyond monetary damage, impacting an organization’s reputation and viability. FIS offers solutions to help you streamline processes to fight fraud and maintain compliance with anti-money laundering and sanctions rules.

  • Defend your institution against fraud related to ACH and wire transactions, deposits and kiting, on-us checks and employee misdeeds.
  • Achieve greater compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations, the Bank Secrecy and Patriot Acts, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and other sanctions requirements.
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency in your efforts to comply with watch list scanning and other sanctioned party and government lists.
  • Protect your credit card portfolio from fraud at the ATM and point of sale while improving PCI compliance.

Strategic Risk Management

Safeguarding Your Organization’s Health and Viability

FIS Strategic RISC Management Solutions

Most risks are short-lived, causing temporary customer dissatisfaction or production delays. But failing to manage strategic risk can impede meeting business objectives, affect shareholder value or even threaten the organization’s survival. FIS can help you identify, assess and manage these serious risks and take swift action.

  • Analyze detailed metrics and benchmark your institution’s financial performance with other peer or higher-performing banks.
  • Perform what-if analysis and simulate changes to drivers or revenues, growth and profitability in real time for actionable intelligence.
  • Keep your board of directors and executive management informed with Director Access, a secure Internet portal that connects the leadership team to agendas, minutes, approvals, calendar, policies and procedures.
  • Access this cloud-based solution 24/7, with no software to download or install.