Working through Brexit

November 15, 2019

You may have heard of something called Brexit. It’s been in the news a bit.

As we put this newsletter to bed, no-one can be sure exactly what it is or when it will happen. This can make planning something of a challenge for UK businesses like yours, to say the least.

But amidst all the possible changes ahead, there is at least one thing you can depend on: your ability to take card payments. At Worldpay from FIS, we’ve spent the last few years planning for every Brexit scenario we can think of. We’ve made technological changes and changes to our business in order to make sure we can comply with whatever legislation applies after Brexit. That’s true whether we end up outside Europe, inside Europe, or somewhere in between.

We’ve answered all the questions we can think you might be asking about Brexit and payments here.

If you’re worried about the impact of Brexit on other aspects of your business, there’s a government website dedicated to helping you prepare for the changes ahead.

We can’t advise you on how to prepare for Brexit, but one thing we may be able to help you with is cash flow. If this is proving a problem for you during this period of uncertainty – especially at a time when you may be looking to invest in stock for the Christmas rush – Worldpay Business Finance could be the solution.

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