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How payments can support online learning

January 20, 2021

E-learning customers span geographies and demographics, and with this come different expectations and requirements around payments. In today’s connected, globalized world, an increasing number of students, employees and at-home learners are choosing to access educational tools and courses online.

By 2026, the global e-learning market is expected to be worth a notable $375B, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 8%. Virtual classrooms, in which tutors and learners interact in a live environment, are expected to triumph in this modern world of learning, with 21% predicted growth by 2026.

This is due to several factors, including the technological innovations which make this a more engaging experience.

In this report, we cover :

  • Growth and trends in e-learning
  • How learners want to pay
  • The move to subscriptions

Download the report to learn about this evolving industry and get in touch if you would like to find out more.