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Technology & innovation in retail: Who’s really ahead? Luxury v Mid-Market | Worldpay


June 29, 2017

It’s often thought that luxury brands are slow to embrace new media, technology and digital innovation. But is this really true?

We surveyed 100 luxury brands and mid-market retailers in key markets throughout Europe to find out how technology and innovation plays a role brand strategy.

We’ve identified the key market differentiators between luxury and mid-market retailers to learn where the industry is headed and who’s leading the way in eCommerce.

We examine:

  • Luxury and mid-market brand perceptions towards technology and innovation in retail
  • Who’s leading the pack and who’s fallen behind
  • How luxury retailers are using tech and innovation now and where it can take retail in the future
  • What both luxury and mid-market retailers can learn from one another


Technology Innovation in Retail

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