Payments 2025 highlights the key trends shaping the future of payments across key industries. Using our years of experience and leveraging our vast network of specialists from across the industry and beyond, we share expert opinions and recommendations. We explore the social, economic, technological and environmental factors that will shape the next few years so we can help you prepare for tomorrow.

The Future of Payments Is Here

In collaboration with global trends intelligence agency Stylus, Worldpay has uncovered the key macro drivers and trends shaping the future of payments. Discover a new era for payments with us.

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Tomorrow Starts Today

The events of the last few years have led to a monumental shift in the way we consume goods, services and experiences. Our research reveals that consumers are already becoming more interested in next-gen payment options – the future of spending is on our doorsteps. See what this means for your industry.

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Going Beyond Payments

To explore what will shape the future of payments by 2025 and how we can best prepare for this, we looked beyond the payment industry. We identified the key themes that were of most interest to our customers and invited experts in these fields to share their opinions on the future of payments through the lens of technology, environment, culture and more.

Inside your industry

Restaurants, Hospitality & Leisure

Payments serve up a bustling future

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Airlines & Travel

Departing restrictions lift expectations

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Financial services

Digitalization leads the way

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Payments innovation gets things moving

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Keeping growth on schedule

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Betting on future gaming technologies

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