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Ethos™ Bankruptcy Intelligence

Rethink How You Manage Bankruptcies

Managing the end-to-end bankruptcy life cycle is complex and resource-intensive. Late and missed bankruptcies are costly, often resulting in wasted internal resources, lost recoveries and legal sanctions. Once a bankruptcy is identified, avoiding heavy fines and legal action requires dedicated resources. Bankruptcy Intelligence provides the most timely and accurate bankruptcy data in the industry monitoring 1.4 billion accounts in real time, helping financial institutions cut costs, lower legal risks and ensure compliance while improving customer experience and debt recoveries.

End-to-end Management for Bankrupt Accounts

Manage the entire bankruptcy life cycle with best-in-class tools and automation.

Best-in-class Proprietary Database with an Easy-to-use Online Portal

Online Case Search – Review all case information and documents daily with no expensive docket-refresh costs. We are the only solution to update every bankruptcy case and docket event every day. No charge for multiple reviews of the same document.

Portfolio and Case Monitoring – Avoid false positives and missed bankruptcies with daily notifications and case updates that accurately match your portfolio to a bankrupt consumer. Never miss a court-required action with workflow-driven docket event queues.

Electronic Filing – Accurately generate and file court documents through online portal. File Proofs of Claim (POCs) and other court documents using efficient workflow queues and a real-time dashboard.