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Worldpay and COMO form a strategic partnership to simplify payments for merchants

December 06, 2017

Wednesday 6th December 2017 – Worldpay, a leader in global payments and COMO Global S.A, an intelligent payments solution provider, have today announced a new strategic partnership. Worldpay provides an extensive range of technology-led payment products and services to around 400,000 customers globally, enabling their businesses to grow and prosper, whilst COMO’s intelligent payment solution assists with their goal to help merchants manage the increasing challenges of the payments landscape.

This strategic partnership further strengthens Worldpay’s proposition to provide their customers with automated reconciliation, invoicing and payment fulfilment. COMO also enables automated dynamic payment routing and payment splitting, useful for the pay-out of supply chain and cross-channel transactions. For merchants, this makes payments and managing cash flow simpler, cheaper and more convenient. It is particularly valuable for travel merchants such as travel management companies and travel marketplaces where transactions involve many suppliers and providers.

COMO will benefit from Worldpay’s scale, technology and experience and Worldpay will also support COMO’s system with further advanced decision-making. “We’re delighted to be working with Worldpay” said Vaughan Owen, CEO at COMO. “We believe that technology should simplify payments and we exist to remove the complexity being experienced by today’s digital merchants. We need the best partners to do this. We’re looking forward to a mutually reinforcing partnership with Worldpay where we can provide merchants with a simpler, faster, and more cost-effective payment process.

“By integrating COMO into Worldpay, we will be able to increase our marketplace offering and add more value to our clients,” said Thomas Helldorff, Vice President of Vertical Growth for Airlines & Travel at Worldpay. “Across the board but especially in the travel industry, our merchant clients are being challenged by the complexity of today’s payments world. COMO helps us simplify the process so our customers can focus on what they do best without being distracted by the management of payments.”

About COMO
COMO Global S.A. is an intelligent payments solution that connects merchants to the world’s best payment providers, enabling them to access different providers at any time through a single point of contact. Using intelligent technology, COMO creates bespoke payment value chains for each transaction, automatically selecting the best payment providers for each one individually, making payments simpler, cheaper and faster. COMO can automatically split payments, reconcile, pay out merchants and supply chain and synchronise receivables and payables. By joining the COMO marketplace, payment providers dramatically increase the value they are able to offer their clients, because they have access to the combined services of all connected providers and COMO’s capabilities. For more information, visit

About Worldpay:
Worldpay is a leading payments company with global reach. We provide an extensive range of technology-led payment products and services to around 400,000 customers, enabling their businesses to grow and prosper. We manage the increasing complexity of the payments landscape for our customers, allowing them to accept the widest range of payment types around the world. Using our network and technology, we are able to process payments from geographies covering 99% of global GDP, across 146 countries and 126 currencies. We help our customers to accept more than 300 different payment types. For more information, visit For more information about the “Worldpay Works With” portal, visit: