FIS Protegent Reg BI

Are you ready for Regulation Best Interest?


Meet Your Reg BI Compliance Obligation with Confidence

FIS™ Protegent Reg BI gives you a complete, modular solution to consistently meet Regulation Best Interest’s compliance obligation at the pre-sale, point of sale and post-sale stages of the customer relationship.

Customize your mix of components to make sure that you have the right account types, transactions and strategies to achieve compliance while delivering the best investment outcomes for the customer.

FIS Can Help

Comply with Reg BI throughout the entire sales process

Gather Information and Consider Suitability Pre-sale

Build accurate customer profiles and recommend the most appropriate account types

Propose and Compare Options at Point of Sale

Evaluate product recommendations and provide a side-by-side comparison of alternatives

Monitor Transactions Post-sale

Assess all transactions over time with quantitative suitability analysis to ensure they remain in the customer’s best interest

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