FIS Full Service Operations

Next generation derivatives clearing to stay ahead of the competition

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Flexible Software and Scalable Managed Services for Cleared Derivatives Processing

FIS™ Full Service Operations (FSO) is an adaptable, future-proof package of technology and managed services that provides best-practice middle- and back-office processing for cleared derivatives.

FSO offers an unparalleled competitive advantage by delivering the most recent technology and ecosystem innovations – ahead of your competitors.

FIS Can Help

Grow your bottom line by partnering with FIS to drive operational efficiencies, reduce risk and control TCO.

Reduce Expenses by Leveraging Our Economies of Scale

Get all of the functionality and support you need to run your day-to-day derivatives operation while cutting costs

Global Operational and Technical Expertise

A highly experienced, fully dedicated support staff is available when you need them – across all time zones

Future-proof Your Technology

With our best-in-class service, you can shift your resources from system updates to value-add activities

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GMI is a global back-office clearing and accounting system for exchange-traded derivatives, futures, options, energy, and cleared OTC products, including repos, swaps and equities.

Covers multiple derivatives markets, types, etc. on one platform
Eliminates the need to maintain multiple systems and accounts
Connects to a broad range of exchanges around the world
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FIS™ Managed Services & BPO

FIS’ fully managed SaaS offering includes a wide range of cleared derivatives products, including futures, equity and index options; cleared OTC and credit swaps; and FX NDFs.

Access full infrastructure, application and operational support
Rely on SLAs to ensure that your strategy is successful
Leverage our experience with global and regional clearing firms
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FIS™ Reconciliations

Reconciliations provides comprehensive, fully automated reconciliations of exchange traded derivatives (ETD) and OTC derivatives activity against exchanges, CCPs and clearing brokers.

Increase efficiency through consolidation and automation
Reduce risk with controls, auditability and reporting
Ensure connectivity through extensive exchange and CCP interfaces
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RIMS is a modular and scalable real-time solution for middle- and back-office securities processing that helps you properly handle your operational requirements.

Supports STP with open APIs and automation
Optimizes efficiency while reducing TCO
Gives you the agility to respond to new opportunities and grow
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UBIX is a real-time back office system for cleared derivatives that facilitates global clearing for both sell-side.

Support your derivatives clearing in real time via one platform
Increase efficiency and reduce cost and risk
Support your business as it grows with a modular, scalable system
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FIS™ Cleared Derivatives

FIS’ Cleared Derivatives is a real-time solution for post-trade derivatives clearing across exchange-traded and OTC-cleared derivatives.

Reduces your TCO and operational risk
Increases the efficiency of post-trade derivatives processing
Gives you the scalability to support new clients and services
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