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Ethos™ Cardholder Lifecycle Program

A Turnkey Way to Manage Your Card Programs

Card activation and use are the top priorities of any card program when card competition is high and cardholder activation rates are below 50 percent. Cardholder Lifecycle Program is a turnkey marketing program that optimizes customer engagement with card activation campaigns, as well as campaigns to drive usage – with a performance guarantee.

A Proven Path to Increase Revenue

FIS leverages propensity modeling and machine learning to identify and target cardholders to optimize results with a no-risk performance guarantee for our clients. Cardholder Lifecycle Program is a proven, turn-key program that is risk-free for banks and credit unions

Top of Wallet

piggybank Data-driven analytics and insights to make the right offer at the right time.

Wake Up Inactive Cardholders

communicate Proven marketing campaigns will increase card activations and drive up the amount of spend on your cards.

Increase Loyalty

Reduce attrition by offering high-value offers in exchange for increasing activations and ongoing card spend and engagement.

Using Customer Insights to Improve Customer Experience

Data-driven Insights and Targeting – Cardholder Lifecycle Program is powered by purchase graphs that provide a map of when, where and how people shop. These insights are used to gain portfolio insights and targeting to deliver high-performing campaigns.

High-value Rewards – Rewards and incentives are significantly higher than industry averages, which will surprise and delight your cardholders, increase engagement and drive results.

Campaign Performance Reporting – Monitor ongoing campaign performance metrics and financial performance of campaigns through dashboards available within Ethos Portal.

A Proven Strategy That Is Ready to Go

Turnkey End-to-end Execution

Ongoing cardholder engagement through direct mail and email, with a destination website to drive behavior, track progress and manage redemption of rewards (statement credits).

Get a Competitive Advantage

There are a lot of choices for customers to make every day. By leveraging data science insights and high-value offers we can wake up dormant cardholders and increase performance of your card portfolio.

ROI Performance-based

Not all banks and credit unions can afford to test and try what works and what doesn’t, especially because of the staff expertise and time needed to manage campaigns.