The digital age is here – and it’s not slowing down for anyone

Banks are feeling more pressure than ever to adjust to evolving customer demands. But at every touchpoint, there are opportunities to redefine and ensure your software solutions are safe, secure and able to serve your customers.

Will your institution rise to the challenge?

To move forward and compete in the ever-changing market, you need financial technology and solutions that are innovative, flexible and disruptive.

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As the future of banking evolves, digital is sure to play a key role

As technology continues to change and competition grows, the path your bank needs to take to advance isn’t always clear. But one thing is for sure: Digital will play a key role in it. FIS® innovates with purpose to spare you from the worry of technology so you can focus on what truly matters most.

You need a partner with deep roots in banking

With a proven track record in the banking industry, we understand the obstacles our clients are against. We provide for our clients, and our technology delivers when you need it most. Rely on us to drive your business forward and ease the hassles and friction that come with today’s challenges.

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Get insights from small to medium financial institution experts

Discover thought leadership from the people who live and breathe small to medium financial institutions. Stay up to date with trends, get a deep dive on complex topics and see what’s coming up next.

Elevate your small business

Spend a minute with FIS Division Executive B2B and Money Movement Mike Kresse as he talks embedded finance and how it can help small businesses thrive.

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Key trends that drive how consumers pay today

Today’s consumers have so many options. Discover how they’re making purchases so you can position your organization for future growth.

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Deliver the right cards to your customers

Opt for digital and physical card choices that speak directly to your cardholders through unique materials, extensive personalization and instant issuance.

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Fast action, less loss

Lake City Bank shares how the solution helps address crime quickly, the key to minimizing loss for the bank and its customers.

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Say goodbye to your connectivity woes

Eliminate costly individual connections and securely connect to your banking partners around the world with FIS Payments Hub – Standard Edition.

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Don’t risk getting left behind

By digitally transforming your bank, you can keep up with ever-changing customer demands.­

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Redefine your approach to ALM

New approaches to risk management and stress testing will be crucial for survival and growth after the recent financial institution closures and takeovers.

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Keep investing in innovation

IT spend in banking is growing at a higher rate than ever. And with good reason, according to top IDC analysts.

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Get unparalleled insight from your data

Did you know your data can not only foretell what might come to pass, but also what the next best course of action for your business is?

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Innovation drives the future of business­

As the demand for digital intensifies, those who stick with traditional processes will be forced to play catch-up in the years to come. ­

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How do you communicate?

With more banking being done online, the way consumers interact with personal bankers has changed. But their expectations have not.

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The future belongs to the technology-enabled

Banks can’t afford to ignore the emerging technologies poised to transform the retail banking landscape for years to come.

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FIS Original Research

The Global Innovation Report

Businesses face mounting uncertainties. But with the right plan in place, you can turn them into opportunities. Discover how to move past uncertainty and create an advantage with innovation.

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Client stories

An all-new conversion experience

FIS HORIZON provided an open, flexible and scalable core for Newburyport Bank and delivered impressive results.

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Run your business faster

With the expertise provided by FIS, Commercial Bank of California was able to eliminate outdated processes and streamline back-office workflows.

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Get to where you want to go

Through its partnership with FIS, Heritage Bank has delivered a seamless, fully integrated experience to its customers and employees.

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Solutions by topic

Advance Integrated Banking – Core Banking

Create anywhere, anytime banking

Learn more fis-icon-arrow

Advance Integrated Banking – Unified Omnichannel Banking

Build deeper relationships across digital and physical channels

Learn more fis-icon-arrow

Make Payments – Real-time

Spark business opportunities

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Grow Commercial Banking and Asset Finance – Commercial Deposits

Modernize customer deposits and increase satisfaction

Learn more fis-icon-arrow

Discover Data Driven Insights – Data Solutions

Make data-driven decisions

Learn more fis-icon-arrow

Run Banking Operations – Back-office Solutions

Streamline processes and satisfy customers

Learn more fis-icon-arrow

Make Payments – Business Payments

Make business payments flow

Learn more fis-icon-arrow

Manage Payments – Fraud and Protect

Fight crime, not growth

Learn more fis-icon-arrow

Grow Commercial Banking and Asset Finance – Lending

Deliver an exceptional customer experience

Learn more fis-icon-arrow

Manage Wealth and Retirement – Wealth Management

Strengthen your client relationships

Learn more fis-icon-arrow

Manage Wealth and Retirement – Retirement Solutions

Bring plans up to date

Learn more fis-icon-arrow

Manage Cashflow and Capital – Treasury and Risk Management

Gain one-touch control

Learn more fis-icon-arrow

Manage Cashflow and Capital – Credit and Collections

Improve cashflow with less risk

Learn more fis-icon-arrow

Grow Commercial Banking and Asset Finance – Asset Finance

Reach your digital future, faster

Learn more fis-icon-arrow

Make Payments – Digital

Reimagine money movement

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It’s a race to the top – don’t get left behind

With FIS, you can start supporting growth from a stronger, more resilient foundation. Build on our absolute performance as the #1 global fintech provider, backed by financial stability, rigorous security and decades of industry expertise.

Whether you offer individual, group, wealth and retirement, P&C or health insurance, we help you tackle the challenges confronting insurance companies today:

You’re facing a highly competitive, digital-first landscape where you must compete with aggressive insurtech entrants. We enable you to deliver a personalized, digitized and frictionless experience that attracts, retains and delights customers.

Market Changes
Sustained inflation, sustainability concerns and evolving customer product and purchase preferences make it hard to keep up. With FIS, you can modernize your legacy systems and rely on a single vendor to reduce costs and drive efficiencies.

Whether you’re a small firm or an enterprise company, fraud and cyber-attacks are growing exponentially – and your security needs to be as powerful as your technology. FIS has you covered with leading-edge security solutions that have protected our clients for decades.

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