Implementations Training for ISOs and ASGs

Onboarding Training for Your Sales and Operations Teams

After a few decades in the payments industry, we understand what it takes to be successful in this business and look forward to sharing our experiences with you. Our main goals are to introduce you to our tools, solutions and systems and to elevate you to a higher level of success by further developing your skills. To access your learning path, log in to FIS Academy and click on the Welcome to Worldpay from FIS link in the announcement box.

An Introduction to Payments

This set of courses will give you a high-level overview about the payments industry and how it all began. You will also learn about industry key players, concepts and terminology, security and the cost of doing business, and interchange.

Journey to Revenue

These boarding modules will walk you through the main system you will use as you navigate the process. These are MAG – Our merchant application boarding gateway, NPCrm – Your self-servicing system and iQ – your and your merchant's reporting tool.

Product Overview

We offer a variety of payment processing solutions based on industry and business needs. These courses will provide you with insight into some of our solutions and services.