About InnovateIN48

FIS InnovateIN48, the FIS’ internal innovation competition, is all about experiential learning and harnessing emerging technology. This annual competition nurtures and celebrates our culture of innovation, keeping us on top of industry trends to better serve our clients.

A Culture of Innovation

FIS InnovateIN48 is a companywide celebration of our culture of innovation. It provides employees a great opportunity to work together to grow and learn using our digital innovation labs and collaborative platforms like Idea Hub, Yammer and Teams.

High Intensity and Team-spirited

48 hours to collaborate, create and code – uninterrupted. Competitors are inspired by teammates and other FIS peers cheering them on via social media, as they strive for the coveted trophy and bragging rights to the No. 1 spot in InnovateIN48!

Growth of the Event

The number of participants has grown year-over-year since the event began in 2013 with just over 400 participants. More than 1,200 colleagues participated in 2021.

Watch the video to see what FIS | InnovateIN48 is all about.

  • 2022

    Celebrating 10 years of InnovateIN48, first Client Edition event, and first Partner Edition event
  • 2021

    Final Round
    94 competitors on 20 teams
  • 2021

    Regional Rounds
    1,200 participants on 265 teams around the world
  • 2013

    Inaugural year of event with 423 participants

Introducing INNOVATEIN48 Partner Edition

On August 26, we invited APAC startups to ideate solutions around the themes of data innovation, AI in Fintech, and digital assets. The energy was high and the participants were passionate at solving current industry challenges.

FIS | InnovateIN48 2021 Results

Once again, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, FIS colleagues competed from home for this year’s event. That meant some fast thinking, adjustment and ultimately, virtual collaboration for the 2021 InnovateIN48 Regional Rounds, which were held in May and September, and for the Finals in October.

2021 Final Round Winners

In 2021, four teams were selected from among the finalists for their winning concepts that were all focused on one challenge: Accelerate. All 20 teams in the Finals developed solutions to speed delivery, simplify processes, enhance performance, or deliver new service capabilities for our clients.

Byteforce (India)

The winning team developed an intelligent architecture image parser and infrastructure setup solution that solves the problem of time and labor-intensive project setup, increases productivity and speeds the process.

Striker (India)

Their automation solution is designed to accelerate the identity verification process in Know Your Customer (KYC), along with convenient Anti-money Laundering (AML) investigation during customer due diligence.

Fintech Wizards (EMEA)

This team developed a blockchain-based settlement-as-a-service platform where both trade clearing and settlement on any exchange are done on the blockchain with the use of smart-contract functionalities.

Team 42 (U.S.)

They developed an immersive augmented reality for merchants that provides small and medium businesses the opportunity to use augmented reality features for in-store marketing and attractions.

For me, InnovateIN48 has always been an exciting competition, especially if you get to the Finals. InnovateIN48 allows you to come up with new ideas and implement them. It’s also a great way to work with different people and see what else people are working on. It’s a lot of hard work, however, so worth it. Being fortunate to have won the competition once was just the cherry on top.”
– Paul Williams, Team Captain