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Solutions for your mobile payment journey


July 11, 2019

In our third instalment of the Mobile Payment Journey report series, which features our research into the mobile preferences of 16,000 consumers in 10 countries, we delve deeper into the solutions available to merchants looking to improve their mobile payment experience.

Around the world, mobile is becoming the channel of choice for online purchases. Providing consumers with a unified payment environment is crucial in order to keep this experience positive, without risking their security.

Our latest guides for Travel, Retail, Gambling and Digital Content merchants examine this trend and looks at how we’re working to improve mobile payments.

In our Solutions for your mobile payment journey eBooks, you’ll find, among other topics:

  • How the eCommerce space is evolving in Travel, Retail, Gambling and Digital Content industries
  • Key payment products and features behind a mobile consumer’s journey
  • Adhering to PSD2 without damaging the customer experience
  • How single-click and tokenisation can shorten the booking and buying processes
  • Ways to integrate multiple payment methods while staying safe, secure and seamless
  • Expert opinion pieces based on years of experience
  • How Worldpay technology can help

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