9 pieces of clever credit card art

Worldpay Editorial Team

July 23, 2019

Credit cards are an important tool in modern people’s lives. Whether using them to pay for various needs and wants, or accepting them to keep a business running smoothly, credit cards can perform a vital, if utilitarian function. But surprising and beautiful things can happen when you take credit cards out of a practical context and into the world of art. Take a look at these creative ways that credit cards have been turned into interesting works of art.


1. This collage titled, Your Name Here, by Peggy Dembicer is made from shredded credit cards with red and black sequins and an acrylic satin finish to create a colorful eye-dazzling wall hanging.

Clever credit card art collage


2. This wreath was made by Lauren Venell for the 2008 "Circle of Joy" holiday wreath auction in Hayes Valley, San Francisco. It's comprised of recycled and cut up credit cards, arranged by color to evoke a holiday color scheme.

Clever credit card art wreath


3. Artist and environmentalist Bryant Holsenbeck has made a career out of collecting discarded items like bottle caps, credit cards, plastic bags, and straws, and transforming them into interesting objects and art. These delicate birds from cut up plastic credit cards are a beautiful example of her work.

Clever credit card art birds Clever credit card art birds


4. Amy Orr is a widely exhibited and published artist specializing in fiber arts. Shown here is her basket-like sculpture, Green Vessel, comprised of repurposed credit cards arranged in colorful pinwheels.

Clever credit card art basket


5. Martha Lever can teach you to make these beautiful credit card flowers in her creative workshops. In this work, the credit cards are the paint brush, not the medium. Just be sure to use an old card so you don’t have paint mucking up the magnetic stripe or data chip.

Clever credit card art flowers


6. Amy Orr dazzles again with her three-dimensional House of Cards sculpture. It is 64"w x 36" h x 32"d and constructed from credit cards, loyalty cards, and gift cards.

Clever credit card art house


7. In this piece, an unknown artist used credit cards to create a delicate frog with a lively, origami look.

Clever credit card art frog


8. This mixed-media piece was created by people associated with the Center for Changing Lives in Minneapolis at a community event with the theme, "Redefining wealth through art and community."

Clever credit card art tree


9. Who knew there was more than one way to swipe a credit card? This painting was created by Ardith Goodwin, who used a credit card to swipe paint across the canvas to create interesting layers and textures.

Clever credit card art poppies