Car wash credit card processing to grow your business


June 29, 2017

A system that goes above and beyond basic payments processing.

From accepting the latest in electronic payments to tracking your inventory, the best point of sale system for your car wash business does far more than just accept credit and debit card payments. Today’s best car wash credit card processing systems include integrated payments as well as many features that help you run your business more efficiently—from customer service to back end operations.

A payment system to support your marketing efforts.

Continual marketing to drive new business and maintain current customers is important for a car wash business. So, it’s important that you choose a car wash POS system that will support and sustain your marketing efforts. A specially designed car wash POS system can help you bring in more business and drive customer loyalty through:

  • The capability to issue and accept gift cards
  • The ability to communicate with your customers via email or SMS text message
  • The functionality to track loyalty card usage
  • Complete support for your marketing campaigns, including the ability to create custom customer lists with demographic and loyalty information

Features worth having in your car wash POS.

When choosing a POS system for your car wash, here are a few things to look for:

  • Integrated payments
  • Easily customizable to your specific business needs
  • Specialized functionality, just for car washes
  • Comprehensive, in-depth reporting capabilities
  • Promotional functionality that drives your marketing efforts such as gift cards and customer communications
  • Security protection from an all-in-one solution, such as OmniShield Assure


Built-in payments processing to simplify your business.

With Worldpay, your car wash business won’t have to spend money on extra software just to get up and running—the most popular POS systems for car washes already have our best-in-class payment processing functionality built right in. 

When you choose us as your credit card payment processor, you’ll enjoy:

  • Consistent and secure debit and credit card processing
  • Streamlined payments, accepted from multiple locations
  • Gift and stored value cards to stimulate new business
  • Live 24/7 phone and email support—even on major holidays
  • In-depth troubleshooting and actionable alerts to help you resolve payment issues
  • Backup processing to protect your business if a network goes down