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Church credit card processing, done just right


August 06, 2019

Select the right payment processing solution for your church to help you process payments and build support for your place of worship.

Worldpay understands that running a church is different than running other types of business—but there are some aspects that are much the same. For example, you need a modern POS system that can accept payments, track donations, and pinpoint your most loyal supporters. Now you can do much more than just accept credit cards for your supporters’ donations.

Allow your church goers to give how—and where—they want to give.

These days, tech-savvy people do nearly everything online—so why would making their tithe or other donation to a church be any different? Partner with a church credit card processing provider that enables you to accept payments how and where your donors would like to give, whether that’s in-person, online, or by mail or phone.

Get a payment processing solution that aligns with your church marketing.

Continual marketing to drive fresh support and maintain current donors is important for your church to stand apart from the other causes that people could be supporting. Make sure your church continues to grow  by selecting a church merchant account provider that supports your marketing efforts and growth goals. Choose a church payment processing solution that will complement your marketing efforts. From payments acceptance and specialized reporting, to communication with your supporters, a specially designed church credit card processing system can help you bring in more supporters and drive donor loyalty.

Features worth having in your church payment processing system.

When choosing a credit card processing solution, here are a few things to look for:

  • Integrated payments
  • Easily customizable to your specific needs
  • Specialized functionality, designed just for churches
  • On-demand, in-depth reporting capabilities
  • Promotional functionality that drives support such as custom donor communications
  • Security protection from an all-in-one solution, such as OmniShield Assure

No hidden costs or roadblocks to get you started processing debit and credit card payments.

Partner with Worldpay to accept credit cards for your church.  You won’t have any surprises or extra money to spend to get started and accepting a full range of payment options. In fact, our payment processing is already built into the most popular POS systems for churches today.

When you choose us for your church payment processing, you’ll also enjoy:

  • Protected and reliable debit and credit card processing
  • Efficient payments, accepted from multiple locations
  • Prompt funding to your deposit account of choice
  • Live 24/7 phone and email support—even on major holidays
  • Complete suite of reporting to help you track donations, pinpoint problems, and identify your best supporters
  • Advanced troubleshooting and actionable alerts to help you quickly resolve payment issues
  • Backup processing protection in case a network goes down

Deliver better donations, one payment at a time.