How to compare credit card processing companies


July 10, 2019

You need to get paid to grow your business. To get paid, you’ll likely need to be able to process credit cards—plus debit cards, mobile payments and other alternative payment methods.

Credit card processing companies make it possible for businesses like yours to accept credit and debit cards. Credit card processing companies provide a secure transmission for sensitive payment information between your business and the issuing bank. Credit card processing companies—aka merchant service providers or payment processors—work to keep payment data safe.

Every business is different, each offerings its own unique mix of goods and services. Payment processors are different in what they offer, too.

How to compare merchant services

Which payment processor is right for your business? When it’s time to compare credit card processors you'll want to have a good idea of how you’ll want to get paid, and where. Do you need to process credit cards in-store, online, or on-the-go? Think about how your customers will want to pay; that should be the starting point to know what payment types you’ll want to accept.

Evaluating security and fraud protection services is a must when comparing payment processors. Does your payment processor offer assistance keeping your business in compliance with card acceptance regulations? Do they use the latest in secure payment technologies like tokenization?

Keeping your money safe is essential, and your credit card processor plays a big role in financial security. You’ll want to ask questions about how they plan to fight fraud and reduce your business risk.

When it comes to your business, you’ll want uncompromising customer service. Payment processing is more reliable than ever, but every business needs personal attention. When it comes to your business you need answers—day or night.

Comparing merchant services means taking a long look at the service part of the equation. Is your payment processor there for you 24/7 with live phone support? Do they offer online service, chat and forum support?

Comparing payment processors can be tricky. Payment processing can be complex and it’s not always easy to determine what's right for your business. This guide will help you cut through the clutter and confusion of payment processing. You’ll walk away with a checklist to compare credit card processors that reflect the needs of your business.

So which payment processor is right for you? Let’s find out. To get started, download and print out this Payment Processor Comparison Report Card. Start by ranking the features from 1-3 based on the importance of the feature to your business. As you research payment processors, note where the provider meets—or fails to meet—your needs for each feature.