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How Worldpay from FIS helped Auto Shop Centre track cashflow.

March 19, 2021

The dashboards on today’s cars feature a dazzling display of instruments and dials; you’re as likely to find a satnav and an entertainment system as a humble speedometer. It’s hard to imagine that the first dashboard was simply a barrier made of wood or leather to protect the carriage driver from the mud dashed (thrown) up by the horses’ hooves.

Although no motor mechanic would dream of allowing a car to be driven without a dashboard, many don’t apply the same discipline to their card payment system. But that’s not so in the case of the busy and popular Auto Stop Centre in Chester, where a payments dashboard is making it a lot easier to manage the business.

Owner Matthew and his dedicated team of professional engineers support the local community with everything from general repairs, services and MOT tests to tires, exhausts, brakes, batteries and diagnostics. It’s pretty much the Cheshire motorists’ one-stop shop.

When Matthew realized that things weren’t going well with the firm’s previous card payment provider, he contacted Worldpay. A short chat with our regional business manager was enough to persuade him that the best business decision would be to switch to Worldpay.

His card payment problems were quickly solved. But what really bowled Matthew over was a dashboard – the Worldpay Dashboard, to be specific.

The Worldpay Dashboard is an online portal which gives our clients valuable insights that can help them grow their businesses.

You can view and manage all your card and mobile wallet transaction in one place and access your monthly invoice. Simply log on whenever it’s convenient and take advantage of the switches and dials on your personalized dashboard:

  • Analyze your sales trends and understand how your business is performing.
  • Instantly access your transaction history.
  • Keep on top of your cashflow – See which payments have been deposited in your account and when the rest are due.
  • Access your easy-to-read monthly invoice.

The Worldpay Dashboard has provided Matthew with new insights into how his business is running. By seeing when his customers’ money is due to be credited to the business’s bank account, he has a much better understanding of cashflow.

“The dashboard helps me locate my payments: the amounts, dates, and even times,” explains Matthew. “I have a mobile terminal that my driver takes out to drop-offs, and the Worldpay Dashboard lets me see what’s happening both on the premises and out in the field. It’s really working for me.”

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