Supermarket credit card processing, coupled with terminals and POS systems that are accurate, efficient, and high tech

June 29, 2019

Whether your shop is the corner market or a burgeoning megastore, our supermarket and grocery store credit card processing solution will help keep your operations running smoothly. We already serve more than 50% of the grocery payments made in the US.

So we get it—pricing and inventory change constantly at a supermarket. Weekly deals, agricultural seasons, and supply and demand that affect grocers all impact your store prices. You need a terminal or POS system that can keep up. 

A specialized system, designed to handle a supermarket’s unique needs.

Our grocery store POS systems allow your store to do much more than just accept credit card payments. These specialized systems save you time and money with:

  • Barcode reading
  • Shopper loyalty card scanning
  • Touch screen to enter universal PLU (Price Look-Up) codes for produce and bulk items
  • Integrated scales to sell products by weight, including both PLU and barcode

Built-in payment processing.

Point of sale systems with payments built right in, means you can accept credit card payments quickly and easily. Plus, you’ll eliminate the expense of costly and cumbersome stand-alone payment terminals. 

Worldpay payments processing for supermarkets and grocery stores offers:

  • Payment processing already built into the system of your choice   
  • Comprehensive 24/7 phone and email support—even on major holidays
  • In-depth troubleshooting and timely alerts to help you quickly resolve payment issues
  • Backup processing protection in the even that a network goes down
  • Special, custom reporting and accounting features to streamline back office operations

Up-to-the-minute technology to keep everyone happy.

Today’s tech-savvy shoppers expect the latest in digital payments, even when they’re shopping for the ingredients for tonight’s dinner. In fact, 27% of digital wallet users use their digital wallet at a supermarket. We’ve designed our supermarket POS systems with the customer in mind, integrating touch screens, card readers, and keypads so your customers can handle their own payments using credit cards, debit cards, or even smartphone apps. Give your supermarket customers the power to pay how they want to for the shopping they do at your store. 

Here’s how our grocery store terminal and POS systems are engineered to keep everyone happy:

  • Providing grocery store management with on-demand access to important details about recent transactions
  • Saving customers time and hassle by allowing them to review details of their purchases and choose an alternative payment option, such as smartphone micro-chips
  • Sparing cashiers the headache of looking up product codes manually, correcting sale prices, or waiting for a customer to input the necessary information to complete the transaction

Keep everyone happy—and your checkout lanes running smoothly—with a modern, integrated supermarket POS system from Worldpay. Ring up better payments at your supermarket.