Taxi credit card processing, right on time

June 17, 2019

Allow your taxi riders to pay how they want to pay to keep them happy and coming back to your taxi company. Allow your taxi drivers to quickly and easily accept payment so they can stay on schedule.

Get a merchant account that streamlines operational tasks at your taxi cab company.

Choosing the right merchant processing partner for accepting credit card payments for your taxi operation can help you save time—not to mention money—on operational tasks so you and your staff can focus on growing your business. With a POS solution custom built for taxi companies, your drivers can easily accept payments on-the-go and your office staff can easily pull custom reporting that details peak business hours, your best-performing drivers, and much more.

Consider how your taxi cab riders would like to pay.

When you’re deciding between a traditional POS system that accepts credit and debit cards, or the latest in technology that allows customers to pay with their smartphone or another device, think about how your customers would like to pay.

The popularity of mobile payments has continued to grow and consumers are increasingly adopting eWallets as an easy way to pay. In the age of ride sharing, it's important to make payments quick and easy. Choosing a payments solution for your taxi company that enables drivers to quickly accept mobile payments is a great way to attract new, young riders, as well as keep your current riders loyal.

Features worth having in your taxi payments solution.

When choosing a partner for accepting credit card payments, here are a few things to look for:

  • Integrated payments, accepted from multiple locations
  • Easily customizable to your business needs
  • Specialized functionality, designed with taxi companies in mind
  • Full suite of reporting capabilities
  • Marketing support to power your business, such as SMS text customer communications
  • Security protection from an all-in-one solution, such as OmniShield Assure

Built-in payments processing to simplify your taxi business.

When you team up with Worldpay for your taxi credit card processing, you won’t have any surprises and often no extra software to buy. Everything your drivers need to quickly and easily accept payments from your customers will be included. From day one of processing with us, your taxi company will enjoy lightning-fast transactions, quick funding to your deposit account of choice, and on-demand transaction reporting.

Get payment processing for your taxi cab business.