The benefits of mobile payment acceptance

November 08, 2019

The benefits of mobile payment acceptance

Mobile technologies have revolutionized the ways we work, learn and communicate. Mobile communications transform the ways we socialize, navigate and project ourselves to the world. In the world of commerce, mobile technologies are fundamentally changing the ways businesses can serve the needs of their mobile-oriented customers.

Today, merchants everywhere are reaping the benefits of mobile payments. Mobile payments are helping businesses of all sizes serve their customers better, work more efficiently and save money. Small businesses in particular are seeing minimal investments reap big, long-lasting rewards and help build a solid foundation for sustained growth.

Mobile point of sale solutions allow you to accept payments—wherever business takes you. Mobile payment acceptance helps businesses expand their footprint, create better customer experiences, and operate your business more efficiently.

1. Expand your business footprint

The technologies behind mobile payment acceptance allow businesses to expand their footprint far beyond a fixed checkout counter. Today’s customers expect to be able to pay using a debit card, credit card, or their smartphone with a digital wallet, no matter where they shop. Mobile payments acceptance tools allow you to expand your business to new venues like farmer’s markets, festivals and trade shows.

Mobile payment acceptance is easy. Simply attach a card reader to a smartphone or tablet, and you are ready to accept payments wherever business takes you.

2. Create better customer experiences

In-store, accepting mobile payments helps deliver better customer service and reduce wait times. Equipping your sales associates with mobile acceptance equipment means they can serve more customers, more quickly, wherever the need is greatest.

For restaurants, accepting payments via a mobile device right from the table can significantly decrease the time it takes for servers to accept payments. In a retail store, your sales team can meet the customer right where they are, on the sales floor, to accept payment via a tablet without risking losing the sale to long wait times. When your team is able to engage with customers during their purchase decision they can help make sure it’s the right one—while also offering relevant upsells.

3. Operate your business more efficiently

Accepting mobile payments help you operate your business more efficiently. Mobile payments help you provide consistent seamless experiences at critical customer touch points—in-store, online and now on the road too. Mobile payments also integrate easily with reward and loyalty programs so you can offer access to these vital customer retention programs, wherever you do business.

4. Gain insight into your business operations

Payment acceptance provides data on every transaction. Payments data offers insights into customer behavior, like how much they spend and their preferred payment methods. Mobile payment technologies integrate with your in-store tracking and allow you to access payments data via easy-to-use analytics tools. Businesses of all sizes use this data to implement new campaigns and promotions and to increase revenue.

Mobile payments integrate easily with reward and loyalty programs. Now you can offer access to these vital customer retention programs, wherever you do business.

Bring the benefits of mobile payments to your business

Accepting mobile payments is fast, easy and secure. That’s why millions of businesses around the world are turning to mobile payments to better serve their customers. The benefits of mobile payments far outweigh the minimal costs, all while helping to position your business for the future.

Are you ready to start accepting mobile payments at your business? Worldpay partners with businesses just like yours to help make accepting payments easy, safe and secure. We’ll help you with the tools, technologies and people to make mobile payments work for your business. Start by connecting with one of our payments experts today.