Fintech Insights

Consumer trends in the restaurant industry highlight technology

Ashleigh DePopas | Head of GoCart, FIS and Nathan Wang | Head of Strategy & Operations, GoCart, FIS

June 09, 2022

Consumers’ love affair with dining out was strained during the global pandemic, but the relationship didn’t end altogether. Instead of going out to eat, consumers took their food to go or had it delivered. Restaurants had to adapt quickly to new expectations. Those that didn’t got left behind.

Our research shows just how much consumer trends in the restaurant industry have changed in the last few years and how important technology has become for restaurants to keep up. Meal-ordering apps have become critical for restaurants to meet their customers’ demand for food-to-go. But they have also proven to be a big drain on revenue.

Discover the latest consumer trends in the restaurant industry and why technology plays such an important role by viewing this infographic.